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How We Actually Brewed Our (Gross) Crowdsourced Recipe from Reddit

On May 16, we did an AMA on Reddit, allowing random people on the web to ask us basically anything about our Kickstarter, business, craft beer, personal lives, and homebrewing in general. So many good questions poured in, like “If you could be a beer bottle that is being drunk by any person on earth, who would be drinking you?”

During the AMA, we also threw it out there that we’d like to crowdsource a beer recipe from the Redditors. Not surprisingly, we got a bunch of wacky ingredients like “crushed narwhal horn” and “Jolly Ranchers.” Kind of half-jokingly, we then promised to brew it some day. Well, that day came not two weeks later!

Preparing to Brew the Reddit AMAle

As you'll see to the right here, we put the recipe into a one-sheet. It's got the ingredients--you're classic two row pale malt, citra hops, cascade hops, and Willamette hops. And then it's also got some of your not-so-classics, like Jimmy Dean breakfast sausage, Sriracha, and Charles River water.

To say the least, we were slightly hesitant to put all of these things into the same kettle. But hey, with "bacon to taste" as the final ingredient, it can't be that bad, right?

Check out the video below to see how we actually brewed the AMAle!

How We Actually Brewed It!


May 30, 2014 by Michael Langone
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