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"There really isn’t a place quite like what we’re doing": An Interview with Fermentation Visionary Eli Cayer

Urban Farm Fermentory in Portland, Maine might be onto something. Combining beer, cider, mead and kombucha under one roof could very well be the next big movement in the adult beverage world. In a locally focused craft beer world, Eli Cayer, Founder of UFF takes it a step further by not only sourcing ingredients locally, but actually foraging (that’s right, foraging) for local herbs, plants and berries in and around Portland.

We had an excellent discussion with Eli about his thoughts on the potential popularity of these fusion-type breweries, the path he took that eventually led to UFF, and various avenues for the future, including more UFFs in metro areas across the country! Let’s dive in.

11 Ways to

11 Ways to "Next Level" Your Kombucha

You can make pretty good homemade kombucha with just a SCOBY, a fermenter, sweet tea and some random odds and ends. But, we don’t want to make pretty good kombucha. We want it to be amazing. Maybe even the best. And with the help of a few extra add ons out there (most available through Amazon Prime), you can turn pretty good kombucha into something world-class. Here are the 11 products that can help get your kombucha to the next level:

March 10, 2017 by Bobby Gaglini