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Boston Brewer Panel: On the Rise of Women and Beards in Craft Beer

In this post--the second in a five-part series--you’ll hear from brewers at Jack's Abby Brewing, Clown Shoes, Pretty Things Beer & Ale Project, Nightshift Brewing, Idle Hands Craft Ales, Enlightenment Ales, and Aeronaut Brewing Co. on women's rising interest in craft beer and homebrewing and why beards are so prevalent in the industry.

In case you missed the first post on changing consumer tastes and preferences and the creative process, you can read it here.

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How have you seen the role of women in craft beer and homebrewing evolve in recent years? And what do you think the future will be like for them?

Jack Hendler
Brewer at Jack's Abby Brewing
Framingham, MA 

Even in the few years that Jack's Abby has been open, we've seen a staggering change in the mix of applicants that apply for jobs at the brewery. It's reassuring how many women are interested in positions at our brewery.

March 22, 2015 by Michael Langone