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11 Ways to "Next Level" Your Kombucha

You can make pretty good homemade kombucha with just a SCOBY, a fermenter, sweet tea and some random odds and ends. But, we don’t want to make pretty good kombucha. We want it to be amazing. Maybe even the best. And with the help of a few extra add ons out there (most available through Amazon Prime), you can turn pretty good kombucha into something world-class. Here are the 11 products that can help get your kombucha to the next level:


1. The Big Book of Kombucha

This book should be a staple for an aspiring kombucha brewer. It contains crystal clear explanations of some more advanced topics, offers help troubleshooting any issues, and contains hundreds of recipes and flavor combinations for your kombucha. When a book is endorsed by Andrew Zimmern, you know it’s a good one.


2. Kombucha Sign

While this one might not help your actual brew, it certainly elevates your kombucha pride to the next level. This sign is engraved down in Florida using cypress wood. You can also have the sign be vertical as well. However you choose to customize it, the sign will look beautiful in your brewing space.


3. Box Brew Kits Kombucha Kit

The only kombucha kit out there that looks as good as kombucha tastes. Handcrafted out of plywood and pine, this rustic wooden kit has a hand painted kombucha-themed door that also doubles as a wall hanging. With the capability to brew a half-gallon of kombucha and bottle it as well, this kit comes with everything you need, including a healthy, vibrant SCOBY.


4. Brilliant Mason Jar Dispenser

This mason jar really is brilliant. Holding up to one gallon of kombucha, this glass vessel is perfect for dispensing your kombucha in an easy way. The metal on the spigot is stainless steel and will hold up to the deep acidity of kombucha. This is truly the perfect way to serve iced kombucha on a warm summer day.


5. KegCo Kombucha Cooler Dispenser

If the Brilliant Mason Jar is Level 2, this is Level 9000. While a bit pricey, this cooler is really the last thing you’ll ever need to be a homebrewing master. With a completely stainless steel environment, temperature controls and adjustable CO2, you’ll pour perfectly cold and carbonated kombucha every time. Draft kombucha is coming. Stay on the leading edge.


6. Kombucha Momma Heating Strip

Keeping your kombucha constantly between 68F-85F can be difficult, especially in the wintertime. This heating pad quickly heats your brewing vessel and kombucha inside by 5F-20F. With this heating pad, you’ll never worry again about the temperature being too low for your brew.


7. Dried Ginger, Hibiscus & Lavender

If you’ve only brewed regular kombucha and haven’t quite jumped into flavoring, this is the perfect way to start. This package comes with dried and tin-packed ginger, hibiscus and lavender. These three are great starts to begin flavoring your kombucha with spicy, tart and flowery aromas respectively. Get flavoring!


8. Nesco Food Dehydrator

This one is a little out there, but for those of you truly obsessed with kombucha, it’s time to take the next step with your SCOBY...and eat it. If you have tons of extra SCOBYs hanging out in a hotel, try cutting them into strips and dehydrating them to make tasty SCOBY jerky! The Nesco dehydrator also allows you to dehydrate on very low heat in order to preserve the natural probiotic nature of the SCOBY itself. Imagine, a vegan jerky that’s healthy and tastes great!


9. 16oz. Blue Beer Bottles

With SCOBYs quickly multiplying, it’s easy to soon have too much kombucha and not enough bottles for storage. Having these extra 16 oz. bottles on hand is a good way to make sure there’s always enough room. Plus, these grolsch-style caps keep a ton of carbonation and flavor in your bottles for quite some time.


10. The Art of Fermentation

Fermented foods are the best, and taking the next step into other fermented foods from kombucha can be done with this book. From kombucha to kimchi this book has all the answers you’ll need to start fermenting like a pro. Providing in depth looks into the history of the foods, this book is heavily regarded as the gold standard for fermentation within cooking.


11. Vitamin Code Kombucha Supplement

If you really can’t get enough kombucha, or love the health benefits but not the taste, these supplements are perfect for you. In it contains energy giving B vitamins as well as natural probiotic properties for a performance vitamin that will make you feel great.

Feel I left something out that can help others take their kombucha homebrewing to the next level? Let us know!

March 10, 2017 by Bobby Gaglini
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