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The 21 Best Beer Gifts for Father's Day

Beer isn't just a beverage. When you're into it, it's really a way of life. That's why we've compiled a list of products and gifts that exist to enhance this perfect way of life. No, you definitely don't need some of the things here, but damn does it sure make beer more fun. From t-shirts to beer soap, theres a gift here for everyone who shares the same love of beer that you do. Check them out below.


Beer Soap (6-pack...of course)

If you’ve ever had a shower beer, you’ll know just how glorious it is to have a great beer while enjoying the warm water. Just imagine all of that in your soap...aside from the taste. “You smell like beer” will soon be the highest compliment you can achieve.


Wooden Bottle Opener

Second on the list is a sweet bottle opener that looks good in any man cave, dorm room or kitchen. The wood definitely gives this gift a rustic feel, and is the perfect price for a small gift. We’re definitely getting one for our shop!


Stoneware Growler

So at first the actual weight of the growler turned me off, but that thought was swiftly replaced by wanting one just based on how cool it looks. I found out that these clay-based growlers also keep your beer insulated, and therefore colder for a longer period of time. An awesome gift for someone who homebrews and spends lots of time outdoors.

Box Brew Kits Beer Making Kit

Shameless self promotion? Yes. Completely off topic? Not at all! The “Taster” beer making kit is our smallest and best-selling kit that’s perfect for someone in your life that’s always wanted to take a crack at homebrewing. Add on one of our 8 different recipes to your kit and it’s still under $100.


Beerspresso Coffee

You had me at Beerspresso. This package comes with a blend of malted and roasted barley and espresso beans to create a creamy, full-bodied coffee that makes any beer drinker’s morning just a little bit better. This truly is the perfect stocking stuffer.


DIY Wooden Beer Caddy

So we got bored in our woodshop one day and started making something we’d been thinking of for a while--a wooden beer caddy that looks cool, and doesn’t cost a lot to make. It’s pretty simple to build as well, and nothing says “Happy Holidays” more than a handmade beer caddy filled with 6 of their favorite beers.


Silicone Beer Caps

You want to savor your beer. So when you get that 22oz. 13% ABV Russian Imperial Stout, you want to drink it fresh, and drink it slow. With these silicone beer caps, you can pour yourself a small glass now, and keep the rest fresh for later. Any craft beer lover will truly appreciate (and continually use) this gift.


Beer Shampoo & Conditioner

Oh this is too good. Beer conditioner? You don’t drink it, which is literally the ONLY downside I see. For the person that thought beer soap was end of the road, this will blow their pretty little mind just one more time. Plus, it’s reasonably priced enough to be a truly unique stocking stuffer.


Diagram of Beer Poster

Over 100 styles of beer and over 600 specific beers dot this striking poster, giving any craft beer aficionado an exact style to many of their favorite beers. We have one up in our shop, and consult it on a weekly basis to give us inspiration on what to brew!


Easy DIY Chalkboard Beer Labels

This was another experiment of ours that ended with a terrific result. We painted the “chalkboard” onto the bottles, let it dry, and voila! We had our awesome labels. Definitely a must-do for anyone in your life that brews their own beer, wine, cider, kombucha and anything else fermentable.


Mini Oak Barrels

This takes homebrewing and craft beer enjoyment to a new level. For any beer lover that partakes in barrel aged beers, or any homebrewer that has wanted to try this advanced technique, this is the gift for them! These barrels come in sizes from as small as 1L to as big as 100L, and everywhere in between.


Brew Journal

A must have for any aspiring or novice homebrewer! Bound in warm vegan "leather," this handsome journal includes engaging infographics, handy tables, and systematically structured log pages to guide your zymurgical pursuits.


Traditional German Beer Stein

Sure, this stein might be expensive, but it’s unbelievably cool. These steins are crafted using the traditional German methods passed down over hundreds of years. Everything is made out of pewter and is FDA food grade safe.


DIY Beer Flight Holder

For any homebrewer, having a tasting flight is a must when having friends and family taste what all your hard work went into. For the homebrewer that doesn’t have one yet, this is a quick (and fairly easy) DIY beer flight to complement their homebrew.


United States of Beer Tasting Map

If your beer lover also likes to travel, this beer cap map is the perfect gift. Every time they have a beer from a different state, or IN a different state, they can place that cap in that state’s slot, and write in what they had. Beer doesn’t erase memories, it creates them!


Funny Beer Coasters

Every table needs coasters...especially when there’s a beer lover in the house. These coasters are handprinted on wood and look awesome. They’re about 4x4 and perfectly fit a can or bottle.


DIY Beer Cheese

Our team is going to make sure this beer cheese recipe is legit by making a 5 gallon batch of it and then housing it all in one sitting. Make the recipe by using their favorite IPA to give the cheese a spicier flavor. The best part is, this gift is basically free!


The Complete Beer Course

So they know all the beer styles. They know what temperature to serve them at. But do they know how to differentiate biscuit malt from cracker malt? What beer goes with what type of food? If they’re looking to expand their beer palate, this is the book for them this holiday season.


Brew Candles

All around, this is a really cool gift. The candle is made out of soy wax, the candle holder is a recycled 22oz. beer bottle, and the smell is based off of pleasant-smelling beer styles. What more could any beer lover want?


Craft Beer and Snack Basket

If you don’t think any of the gifts above will work, then this one definitely will. No one in the history of forever has EVER turned away a cold craft beer and maple bacon popcorn. You can quote us on that.

Dry Erase Beer Pong Table

This is every grown-up college kid’s dream come true. Not only is this beer pong board dry-erase, but it can also fold away easy so you can bring it around to parties, games and other events. Plus with the cups sitting in pre-sunk holes, there’s no spilling or mess. World’s best pong table? Probably, yes.

February 23, 2017 by Bobby Gaglini
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