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Chocolate Jalapeño Milk Stout - One Gallon Recipe Pack

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This beer is sweet, chocolatey, spicy and absolutely decadent. Starting with a grain bill full of chocolate malt augmented with the addition of raw cocoa nibs, the aroma and flavor of this beer ooze chocolate and subtle coffee. Maltodextrin sugar gives a milk-like creaminess and sweetness to the beer. The best part is that maltodextrin is very similar in taste to lactose sugar, but without the upset stomach for those sensitive to dairy. It's a dairy-free milk stout! Finally, jalapeños (not included with this kit) balance out the sweetness with a touch of heat, creating the desire to keep sipping long after your glass is empty.

This recipe pack includes grains, hops, yeast, cocoa nibs, maltodextrin sugar, muslin straining bag for grains, priming sugar, no-rinse sanitizer, and complete set of instructions. Designed to pair perfectly with any of our one (or two) gallon Box Brew kits.

OG: 1.066 FG: 1.020 ABV: 6.1% IBU: 29