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Cloudy Daze Hefeweizen - One Gallon Recipe Pack

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Everything you need to get started brewing one gallon of tasty, tangy Hefeweizen. Our first wheat beer offering, this traditional German brew tones down the hops to let the high-grade yeast shine, bringing forward notes of banana and clove with a tart edge. Includes grains, hops, high-grade liquid yeast,* muslin straining bag for grains, priming sugar, no-rinse sanitizer, and complete set of instructions. Designed to pair perfectly with any of our one (or two) gallon Box Brew Kits.

This beer's unique flavor profile and cloudy, golden appearance make this a brew well worth showing off.

*This kit features a liquid yeast which is best kept under refrigeration - please bear this in mind when shipping to warmer climates or over long distances. 

og: 1.056 fg: 1.015 abv: 5.4% ibu: 15