Box Brew Kits (formerly HopBox) Handcrafted Beer and Wine Making Kits


Here at Box Brew Kits, we're on a mission to brew outside the box. Since 2013, we've been handcrafting snazzy small-batch beer and winemaking kits at our Boston shop. Founded by myself and fellow homebrewer Bobby Gaglini, Box Brew Kits began as a quest to design a better way to brew - we wanted a compact, beautiful setup that looked right at home on a kitchen countertop; a fun, approachable kit that inspired us to tackle the rewarding process with an element of style.

Since then, we've expanded to offer lots of sizes and styles, ranging from basic kits like the Taster, or our more advanced 2-gallon Double Barrel brewing kit. Whether it be woodworking or brewing great beer and wine, we celebrate the craft of creating something beautiful from scratch. We're thrilled to share that enthusiasm with you, and our customers around the world. Cheers!

- Mike Langone