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Wholesale Packages & Pricing for Box Brew Kits

After dealing with the frustrations and eyesores of cheap, poorly produced plastic homebrewing products, we founded Box Brew Kits to offer beginner and veteran homebrewers the option to brew beer, wine and kombucha in style. All of our kits are handmade in the Boston area using locally-sourced materials.

There are almost 2 million homebrewers in the U.S. today, and well over 60% of them only recently took on the hobby. Without a doubt, the number of homebrewers is accelerating - especially in urban areas. The question is, why aren’t you offering Box Brew Kits in your store yet?

How Wholesale Works with Box Brew Kits

When you place a wholesale order with Box Brew Kits, we’ll make sure you’re stocked with everything needed to get your customers up and brewing - and looking good in the process! Here’s what’s included.

Custom Branding for Your Brewery, Company or Store

We understand your customers have a certain affinity to your brewery, company or store - that’s why they’re your customers, right? We’re happy to brand your company name or logo right onto the kits so you can truly make them your own. Pricing available on request.

Custom Beer Recipes

If there’s one thing homebrewers love, it’s trying to replicate the flavors produced by some of their favorite breweries. Make it easy for them to join in on the fun by offering your own custom, branded recipe pack along with each kit. Pricing available on request.

Pricing & Packaging 

So you can cost-effectively stock Box Brew Kits on your shelves or offer them on your online store, we offer competitive wholesale pricing.

Ready to get started?

Use the contact form below to tell us a bit about your store, brewery, or event, as well as any specific questions you may have. We are happy to provide discounted samples for purchase - please contact us using the form below to learn more. We'll be in touch shortly with details on how to access wholesale pricing and place your first order. 

You can also access our wholesale price list with tiered discounts here:

Box Brew Kits Wholesale Pricing