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Microbrewer - One gallon beer making kit - Scrap Heap Edition

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We're excited to offer more than 30% off our "scrap heap" kits for a limited time. Why such a steep discount? Reclaimed wood can be tricky to work with, and some pieces are especially “rustic” (read: beat up). But we firmly believe that a little imperfection or extra character shouldn’t prevent a perfectly functional kit from finding a good home. 

Compact and portable, the "Microbrewer" is the most compact and portable beer making kit we offer. It measures 10" wide x 20" long, easily fitting in even the smallest apartment. But don't let its size fool you - the kit includes everything you need to get started brewing, even sporting a hidden drawer to store any additional accessories.

From start to finish, the brewing process takes as little as three weeks and will create 8-10 tasty beers for you and your friends to enjoy. A full set of instructions and recipes are provided.

Parts Included:

  • Box Brew Kit 1-gallon base, handcrafted from rustic reclaimed wood
  • One 1-gallon glass fermenter with crystal thermometer
  • Triple-scale hydrometer with test jar (and glass stand), for measuring alcohol content
  • Auto-siphon, for quickly and easily transferring your beer between vessels
  • 2" Stainless Steel Funnel
  • Drilled rubber stopper
  • 3-piece plastic airlock
  • Laboratory thermometer
  • Miscellaneous glass jar (for priming sugar, sanitizer, etc.)
  • 3' length of 5/16" tubing, for siphoning your beer
  • Recipe Book with over 25 recipes to choose from
  • Brewers' Log
  • Full set of instructions
  • A large stockpot will be needed for the brewing process - brewing pots are not included in our kits as most folks already have one at home!

*Note - this model does not include bottles to bottle your beer. We also offer a Brew Caddy which includes eight cobalt blue flip-top bottles and pairs nicely with the Microbrewer (we also offer 12-packs of 16-oz cobalt blue bottles, enough to bottle about 2 gallons of beer) but there are a number of other options available to bottle your beer, including using plain old soda bottles.